Payment methods

All payments on GLUGULP!  are safe and protected. You can choose from different forms of payment, according to your needs:


To protect your purchase with credit card, GLUGULP! relies on Nexi. Nexi accepts all Visa, MasterCard, Carta Aura, PostePay and debit cards. Your card will be charged when your order is confirmed.


After confirming all purchase details, you will be asked to access your PayPal account to complete the payment. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can sign up on, before placing your order. Your PayPal account will be charged as soon as you complete your order.


If you wish to pay by wire transfer, please select "Bonifico" on our payment page. You will receive an email, as soon as you confirm your order, containing all information on how to carry out the payment. Please remember to finalise your payment within 5 days from the purchase: do the wire transfer out to Glugulp srl and insert the order number as reason. The order will be processed after receiving your payment. To speed up the process, you can send us an email attaching the transfer receipt:

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