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Happy Birthday GLUGULP! The interview with Alessandro, CEO & Founder

May 5th GLUGULP! has turned 8 years old: 100% Italian brand specialized in the online sales of Champagne has celebrated this new important milestone with lots of news… which we will soon reveal!
The word now to Alessandro, the CEO & Founder of GLUGULP !, for an interview to be enjoyed!glugulp_champagne_shop_online-1.jpg

Good morning Alessandro, happy birthday to GLUGULP! Can you tell us how your adventure in online Champagne sales has begun?

My interest in Champagne and the Champagne dates back to 2002 thanks to a first trip to this wonderful region. Since then a succession of trips with visits to the most prestigious Maison and to the then little known Vigneron. Experiences in which my curiosity grew and consequently also my personal cellar, which I shared with countless bottles uncorked with friends and enthusiasts.
At the beginning of 2013, was born the idea of making a platform dedicated to Champagne accessible to all Champagne Lover, where they can find a much wider selection than the classic wine shop. The company was born in May 2014.

How many people today collaborate in the success of the company?

Our team currently consists of seven people engaged daily in their activities:

  • ALESSANDRO, CEO and Founder since 2014;
  • LUCA, Selector since 2014;
  • MARINA, Administration since 2014;
  • ILARIA, Commercial since 2016;
  • ROBERTA, Marketing and Communication since 2021.
  • FALOU, Warehouse senior operator since 2016;
  • JOSE, Warehouse junior operator since 2021.

What were the main stages of your journey, and how GLUGULP! has evolved over the time?

From 2014 to 2018 there was a continuous growth of subscribers to the website and a succession of new entries of Maison and Vigneron, to be able to offer an ever wider selection: currently on our Champagne online shop there are about 220 producers and about 2000 different references!
In 2019 the turning point with the restyling of the platform and a necessary rebranding to continue the ambitious path. From 2021 new hires were needed to be able to satisfy the growing number of orders and the management of marketing and communication activities.

What is the philosophy of your project and what are the most important satisfactions achieved so far?

For us it is very important not to be seen simply as one of the many e-commerce companies currently present and to choose from, but to be perceived as a thematic in-depth platform in continuous evolution (have you already taken a look at the GLUGULP magazine !?), with a particular attention to Vignerons and the new generations.
We seek for a honest and direct relationship with our customers with the aim of best responding to their expectations. The greatest satisfaction is certainly entering the warehouse every day and finding myself surrounded by our Champagne collection, a refined and unrivaled assortment available to all customers.

Any dream in the drawer?

I am an eternal dreamer, I have a full "magazine"!

I would like to create a space open to the public where you can taste every day different selections of Champagne, a sort of GLUGULP! Factory, to organize thematic and educational evenings and dinners.
There are several projects, we will see soon!

How does the selection process for the Champagne bottles sold in the store take place?

The selection is rather "natural", it’s based a lot on word of mouth and on continuous tastings.
It often happens that the producer directly suggests some new releases: there is in fact a lot of sharing, especially among the new generations of Vigneron.
In our e-commerce site there are currently over 220 producers in the portfolio, over 100 have been included in the last 3 years; I have set an upper limit of 250 by the end of 2024.

We know of some upcoming news… can give us some previews?

Our priority currently is to " build loyalty" and "enhance" our customers. In this regard we are evaluating several projects, but we have not yet defined all the details. We are working on it, but there will certainly be some important news in the coming months.

One question turns on the curiosity of customers: what is your favorite champagne?

It is very difficult, if not impossible, to answer!
I am so involved in this territory and in the continuous tastings that I do not have an absolute preference; my choice depends a lot on the occasion and with whom I will share the bottle. However, I can tell you the 3 best uncorked Champagnes that have particularly "overwhelmed" me: Dom Pérignon Œnotheque Vintage 1985, Salon 1979 and Jacques Selosse Blanc de Blancs Millésime 1995.

Thanks for the attention; We are waiting for you on our Champagne online shop, and for any advice or information request we are at your disposal!