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Women's Day: Champagne And Its Women's History

Although the origin of Champagne, between truth and false myth, has always been attributed to the famous Benedictine monk Dom Pierre Pérignon, it is undeniable that the commitment and the foresight of the Grandes Dames of the time, including the most famous Madame Pommery, Madame Delphine Vesselle and Madame Ponsardin (the famous Veuve Clicquot), have been decisive in the worldwide success of Champagne.

The history of Champagne is therefore also a history of women and we dedicate today's article to them.

Between past and present, we tell you about six women of Champagne, selected (for obvious editorial reasons) from some of the most daring personalities, among the most daring entrepreneurs, innovators and perfectioners of the tradition champenoise method.
And if this year for Women's Day you are thinking of an alternative gift to the usual mimosas, why not choose a Champagne born from the intuition of a woman?

Stories of Champagne Women


It is to Madame Clicquot that we owe the credit for the first vintage Champagne marketed with the 1811 vintage, the first Rosé Champagne in 1818, and the introduction of the remuage sur pupitres technique with the table de remuage. Widow at just 27 years old, she took over the management of the family business, becoming one of the first business women of modern times: the Champagne Cuvée Saint-Petersbourg is dedicated to the courage and determination of this woman who in 1814, despite the continental block that immobilized commercial exchanges in Europe, managed to export its Champagne to the court of St. Petersburg, thus consecrating the fortune of the Maison Veuve Clicquot internationally.

Maison Duval-Leroy, founded in 1859, is one of the few Maison currently run by a woman. Carole Duval-Leroy, after the sudden loss of her husband, took over the management of the Maison and since then she has promoted a constant process of quality improvement of all Champagnes, reaching very high levels. Based in Vertus, in the heart of the Côte de Blancs, the company currently owns 200 hectares of vineyards with a production of about five million bottles. Femme de Champagne Rosé 2006 is the Maison's Cuvée de Prestige in a Rosé version, born from the experience of Carol Duval-Leroy and Chef de Cave Sandrine Logette-Jardin. Bright Rosé with rose gold hues, for us this Champagne is perfect as a gift for Women's Day: inspired by the female universe, it reveals lively and complex notes of ripe fruit, elegant, with personality and full of freshness.


If we think about Dominique Moreau, we can only think about a strong and independent woman: her Domaine Marie Courtin, dedicated to her grandmother, is a small gem that has only 2.5 hectares and a total production that does not exceed 20,000 bottles. Daring and eccentric winemaker, Dominique manages the property with a deep respect for the environment and the vineyard, and her Champagnes are known throughout the region. For example, Champagne Concordance 2016, 100% Pinot Noir with its aromas of violets and red fruits and the spicy and pungent finish is pure energy and vibration.

Audrey Brocard, is a young emerging Vigneron from the Vallée de la Marne. In fact linked to the producer Tristan Hyest, Audrey cultivates her vines by applying the principles of organic farming associated with biodynamic practices. Even in the cellar, she favors natural methods, starting from spontaneous fermentations up to long refinements. You must not miss her Champagne Cœur de Village.

Let's celebrate women's day with the new generation Champagne

foto_1-1.jpgThanks to the know-how transmitted by the previous ones, the new generation of Champagne women is leaving its mark, both in the working methods in the vineyard and in the winemaking processes. Julie Dufour and Manon Boutillez are an example of a path that has just begun but with very high future expectations.

Julie Dufour, in 2012, after a professional conversion, returned to Landreville to take over part of the family Domaine. She is currently engaged both in the sale of a part of the grapes and in the marketing of her first cuvée "Cléobuline" of about 3,000 bottles. Mother, enologist, entrepreneur, Julie advances inexorably making her way among the most renowned Vignerons with the aim of being able to manage the entire vinification of her cuvées.

Manon Boutillez, a passionate young winegrower, after quitting her job as a nurse in 2018, dedicated herself to a period of study at the Avize wine school, and in 2021 she is a finalist of the "Jeunes Talents du Champagne 2021", a competition that promotes professionals in the wine sector who are creative and show a considerable know-how. Perpetuating the family tradition of “récoltant-manipulant”, Manon manages her 5.25-hectare vineyard and has created a limited-edition range of Champagnes in her name, including Champagne Prise De Vue. "Savor the ephemeral, capture the bewitching, savor the mystery of a terroir and sublimate the moment ..." this is the experience that Manon wants to bring to life through her Champagne; and we want to trust her.