Every season has its Must Have: Autumn Champagnes

If is true that is always the right time for the King of Bubbles, it is also true that seasonality makes a difference. A powerful and full-bodied Champagne, an excellent accompaniment in winter, may not be pleasant with high summer temperatures, during which it is preferable to opt for a vibrant, fresh and light Champagne. And vice versa.

And so, once the heat of the summer months has passed, with the onset of autumn, it is time to say goodbye to fresh and light Champagnes, faithful companions of aperitifs by the sea and dinners on the terrace, and head towards of more full-bodied Champagnes, with scents of undergrowth, earth (humus), red berries, sultanas and tobacco; with good structure and persistence and a slightly refreshing acidity.

Let's discover together the Champagnes of Autumn to start the new season in the best way

If Rosé Champagnes represent a favourite choice every summer, with their floral, fruity and vibrant aromas that go well with fish dishes, whether steamed or fried, sushi, sashimi and crispy vegetables ; also the autumn lends itself to this choice too. The best allies of the season are those round, smooth Rosés that prefer warm and refined combinations of traditional cuisine with the most classic dishes, and of those of different cultures with sweet and sour flavours, enveloping spices, in a cadence that is always fine and balanced.


One of our favourites Champagne is Champagne Rosé 25ème Édition by Maison Krug, designed for daring gastronomic adventures and ideal for accompanying stronger flavoured delicacies such as fois gras, or spicier ethnic dishes. The broad palette of elegant notes of this Champagne Rosé owes its variety to a selection of 28 wines from 7 different vintages, the youngest of which dates from 2013 and the oldest from 2008. This composition also embraces a traditionally macerated red Pinot Noir, which brings spicy notes, colour and structure. The Champagne Rosé 25ème Édition is certainly the most unconventional Champagnes of the Maison.

Another Autumn Champagne recommended for the period, from the Rosé family, is Champagne Cuvée Rosé Butterfly Robe, a limited edition by Laurent-Perrier Maison, which comes in "Butterfly" dress, where the bottle is wrapped in a charming bronze-coloured shell with a butterfly motif. This 100% Pinot Noir Champagne is the most brilliant example of a Champagne Rosé de Saignée and it’s characterised by its aromas of ripe red fruit, high intensity and great freshness. Soft and rounded, this Champagne, with its aromatic depth and slight tannicity on the finish, is also ideal for more daring pairings such as Asian or Indian cuisine, where spices (cumin, coriander and saffron) predominate.

Champagne Blancs de Noirs, made from 100% black grapes, i.e. Pinot Noir and/or Meunier, are excellent Autumn Champagnes; they have a rich, full structure and go well with the season's first chillers and characterful dishes such as charcuterie, cheese and wild mushrooms.


For example, Pierre Paillard Champagne Blanc de Noirs Les Maillerettes 2016, made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes, is characterised by its aromatic breadth, depth and persistence in both nose and mouth. The richness and fatness of the aromas make it ideal for those crisp evenings in early autumn, when summer temperatures are coming to an end and and give way to a desire for warmth, comfort and more intense flavours.

Continuing with another full-bodied and millésimé Blanc de Noirs Autumn Champagne, Georges Remy Champagne Les Hauts Clos 2015, proves to be an excellent choice to accompany the whole meal; the nose is complex with notes of butter and ripe fruit, the palate fresh and mineral with returns of yellow and white fruit.foto_2-2.jpg

Champagne Chevry, Blanc de Noirs by Petit Clergeot Domaine, is also made from 100% Pinot Noir. With a wonderful nose of yellow apples, fresh fruit and ginger, it has a surprising ending with its notes of star anise and cloves; it should be enjoyed in larger glasses so that it can unfold all its aromas, maybe with a dessert of grapes and chestnuts, apple or pumpkin.

Worth mentioning is also Champagne Les Massales 2016 by Domaine Tellier, a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier which, with its notes of plum, almond and dried flowers, recalls the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. Warmth, body and softness combine to create a Champagne with a unique wool-like structure and a pleasant "creamy" feel. This Cuvée is the perfect companion for an end-of-season picnic.

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