Champagne, Je t'aime on Valentine's Day too

If you are convinced Champagne lovers like us, then you can only choose Champagne also to celebrate Valentine's Day. Whether you are alone (the saying "better alone than badly accompanied" is always current) or with your other half, give yourself the best gift, treat yourself to a bottle of Champagne. In this case we have chosen to celebrate love with a selection of Champagne Rosé. And if Valentine's Day is not for you, then find another good reason to celebrate, because it is always the right occasion for Champagne.

Here are our tips for a WOW Valentine's Day

foto_1-2.jpgLet's start with Krug Rosé 25ème Édition which is inspired by the Maison's Krug idea of creating a Champagne Rosé that has never existed before, capable of reinventing itself every year. Created starting from the 2013 harvest, the wide palette of elegant notes owes its variety to a selection of 28 wines from 7 different vintages, of which the youngest dates back to 2013 and the oldest to 2008. Each year the Maison begins with the selection of wines of the year and of the previous vintages, which together can release all the possible expressions. Then this composition embraces a traditionally macerated Pinot Noir, which brings spicy notes, color and structure.

The perfect gift for Valentine's Day? It exists and we tell you what it is

If you think that the perfect Valentine's Day gift does not exist, then you don’t know the Champagne Belle Èpoque Rosé 2013, a Limited Edition signed by the Austrian duo Katharina Misher and Thomas Traxler. Beautiful to see, the bottle illustrates the role that each element of nature plays in its fragile balance, and that the Maison Perrier-Jouët is committed to preserving, planning an ecologically responsible future for its vineyards and wines. With a bright pink color with shades of orange, this Champagne combines freshness and intensity with a refinement in the typical floral style.

foto_3-1.jpgChampagne Femme de Champagne Rosé 2006 is the Maison's Duval-Leroy Cuvée de Prestige in a Rosé version, born from the experience of Carol Duval-Leroy and Chef de Cave Sandrine Logette-Jardin. It’s a pink gold-tinted Champagne that reveals the lively and complex notes of mature fruits, beautifully structured and full of freshness. 100% Pinot Noir vinified with the bloodletting method, the grapes are rigorously selected and come only from the Maison's Grand Cru vineyards.

We also recommend Valentin Leflaive's Champagne Rosé MA|16|60, fresh and delicious Champagne Brut Rosé that can be drunk in one gulp. Composed exclusively by Pinot Noir and Chardonnay harvested in the vineyards of the best Grand Cru in the area (in this case Ambonnay and Le Mesnil-sur-Oger), the first fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks with "vin de réserve" aged in barrels of second passage of the best cuvées of Burgundy wines.


Have you ever tried Emmanuel Brochet's Champagnes? These are Champagne with a strong personality, a reflection of Emmanuel's mastery, who with his unmistakable style made them irresistible.

Its 3400 bottles limited-edition Champagne Rosé de Saignèe, is a Champagne with hints of red fruit that blend with fine mineral and bread-making notes. It’s fresh, savory and full-bodied, with a distinctive rustic trait, definitely enveloping. Produced according to the principles of organic (certified) and biodynamic agriculture, this Rosé de Saignée is the result of maceration (24 hours) of 100% Meunier and ages in wooden barrels for about a year.

Equally extraordinary is Champagne Rosé L'incandescent from which "Incandescence: Phénomène physique universel qui rend les choses lumineuses sous l'effet de la chaleur" (or "Incandescence: universal physical phenomenon that makes things luminous under the effect of heat). Produced by Mouzon Leorux it is a full and expressive Rosé de Saignée composed by Pinot Noir only from 100% Verzy Grand Cru vineyards in the Montagne de Reims.

Discover here the selection of GLUGULP! Champagne Rosé